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Income strategy

Maintaining optimal cash levels is a key part of an integrated retirement plan. Regrettably, most Americans retire with not enough money or alternative cash producing vehicle to address their respective living needs. Here are average and median savings for the 65-74 age group.

  • Average household retirement savings: $358,400
  • Median household retirement savings: $126,000

With rising health care costs, medicine, food, housing, utilities, transportation and miscellaneous expenditures, it is critical that one plans accordingly to not exhaust their personal life savings in ones latter years in life. But rather invest wisely now to allow their capital savings account to be left untouched and yield a passive income stream through strategic investments to play key role in your long term income strategy.

Investing in cash flowing multi family assets is a unique way to accomplish this goal and Hancock Growth & Income Fund has positioned itself to take advantage of market opportunities to allow our investors to reap cash flowing strategies to meet their financial goals and objectives.

If interested in creating a financial plan that builds a cash flow system to meet your retirement, children’s educational needs or simply saving for raining day fund, we would love to discuss our Income Strategy with you. Contact us to learn more.

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