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How to Invest with IRA Funds

How Does Real Estate Investing with a Retirement Account Work?
Self-directed IRAs and other self-directed retirement accounts can hold a variety of assets, including real estate.  Many investors open self-directed accounts to diversify their portfolios with alternative investments, within a tax- advantaged environment.

Though some investors have never heard of the concept, self-directed investing is nothing new. Since IRAs were introduced in 1974, the IRS has only listed a handful of items that are not permitted in an IRA (the entire list can be found in IRS Publication 590 at IRS.gov).

With a self-directed retirement plan custodian, any retirement plan can be self-directed. It may also be possible to rollover or transfer an existing IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Thrift Savings Plan, or other retirement account to a self-directed custodian.

Phase I:
Opening Self Directed IRA Account.

The first of three basic steps required to become an active investor of real estate and reap the same advantages that have previously been reserved for institutional investors is to open up a Self Directed IRA with an IRA Custodian. This can easily be done online and even gives you the option of have checkbook control should you want to be more active directly with your account.

Phase II:
Closing your old IRA Account and Transferring to newly created Self Directed IRA Account.

Now that you have successfully created a Self Directed IRA with your preferred Custodian or one that we can assist you with in choosing, you are now ready to initiate a transfer and close out your old IRA Account. You will need to sign authorization form allowing your new Custodian to request funds transferred or you can do so directly if you have pre-existing relationship with Account you are closing.

Phase III:
Investing with your Self Directed IRA into Hancock Growth & Income Funds, LLC.

Once your newly Self Directed IRA account has been established and funded, you will have ability to log in to Investor Portal at HancockRealtyGroup.com website. Follow the simple steps that will lead you through the process required to make your investment into passive multifamily real estate income.

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