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Growth strategy

Hancock Realty Group seeks value-add properties in Emerging Markets that allow for growth within our investment cycle through disciplined acquisitions, repositioning and optimization strategy.

Understanding that assets, if properly optimized, will produce cash flow that will allow owners to re-populate the inherent equity into other cash flowing producing properties. We follow a simple Growth Strategy that balances leverage, cash flow and allow built-in equity to produce additional cash flow.

Hancock Growth & Income Fund was established to take advantage of market opportunities. Our purchasing power allows us to acquire properties in many cases with no financing, making it more attractive to sellers and receiving concessions on pricing for having ability to close quickly.

After purchasing asset, we implement a proven optimization schedule that will yield highest and best values based off current sub-market CAP rates. This schedule will allow for Net Operating Income to be at its’ most optimum level prior to refinancing property allowing for a higher cash out amount.

After the refinancing of acquired property and have cashed out at 75% LTV at the optimized value, we can essentially utilize the proceeds to go back into market and purchase another multi family asset that will produce additional cash flow.

If interested in growing your long term wealth with strategic acquisitions in Emerging Markets, contact us to learn more.

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